02 June 2020

Pros and cons of trending diet pattern – The Keto diet

Recently there has been a lot of emerging diet patterns for natural detox and also for managing weight etc… Dieticians around the globe have been coming up with innovative diet plans for various health concerns… Ofcourse, the importance given by Ayurveda in prevention of diseases and in curing diseases as well, is mostly getting into the contemporary medicine as well…. The history of nutrition and dietetics is of very recent origin in contemporary science…. It’s mostly the early and mid 20th century when vitamins etc were started to be isolated and studied upon… However, the concept of diet developed in these few decades in allopathic science has a striking difference with that of Ayurveda… Hence, it’s important to analyse the rationale and assess the recent revolutions in diet patterns like keto diet, Mediterranean diet etc… Let’s analyse them one by one…

Keto diet – It was originally started in the early 20th century to control epilepsy … It had been observed that epilepsy in children came down drastically with the introduction of maximum fat diet with very less/nil carbohydrate food. Later, it was evolutionised to help in weight management etc… this diet basically is a high fat, moderate protien and minimum carbohydrates plan.

What would be the effects of keto diet on the body ? How would a keto diet work ?

Keto diet basically works on the concept of ketosis… Here, when a person takes low carbohydrate diet and the body goes low in energy levels, it starts generating energy from the fat which is stored in the body. Thus, it increases the chances of weight loss. Weight loss in keto diet is very rapid… So, this might have some pros and cons too … So, let’s have a peep into the probable pros and cons of keto diet….

1. The pros – Keto can be regarded as a very quick way to loose weight.. generally it is recommended for a duration of few weeks to few months, depending on the person to whom it is advised….. Secondly, it can increase the good cholesterol and thereby decrease the bad cholesterol too.. (HDL increases and lowers triglycerides). It has also shown to increase the insulin sensitivity, which can be crucial in glucose regulation… This diet concept has also been effective in treating epilepsy and other conditions.

2. The cons – a) The keto flu – This is a group of symptoms which manifest within few days of keto diet intake. They include, lethargy, tiredness, irritability, headache, nausea etc… Usually the symptoms subsides by itself… b) Dehydration and c) Hypoglycemia can be other cons of this diet pattern.

The above side effects of keto diet can be short terms ones. But we also have some long term side effects like hepatic steatosis, deficiencies etc which can happen, and need to be studied further…..

So, before starting any lifestyle or food related changes all by ourselves, let’s try consulting a dietician or a doctor for assistance. Because we never know which can have what hidden side effects…..

Happy time!!!! Stay tuned !!!!

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