03 June 2020

The exceptional theory of “The bests” in Ayurveda….

Ayurveda has always been surprising us with so many unique concepts which are not seen elsewhere, in any other science. But, each of those concepts have been true till date and these have been like some eternal truth even for years to come.. One of such rare concepts is the mentioning of the “best” in each category of drugs or any materials. Some of them which are relevant to us in day to day life is given below….

1. Best of the rice – is the “shashtika” shali… Which is called Oryza sativa… it gets its name shashtika shali because it is harvested in 60 days. It is comparatively light for digestion and imparts strength to the person consuming it… It is not told to vitiate or destabilize any dosha.

2. Best of milk and ghee – best among all milk and clarified butters is the one from cow -“Go-ksheera” and “Go-ghrita”, as popularly called… As such we all know the importance of milk and ghrita in Ayurveda owing to its unimaginable health benefits. It is also recommended by ayurveda for daily consumption.

3. Best among the meat – Jangala mamsa/ meat which is from arid,dry regions is said to be the best…. It is said to be light for digestion and imparts good strength too…. To be more specific, meat of goat etc from dry lands are better. Even among these, Ayurveda says, goat meat is the best suitable to human beings. But, point to be noted is that, red meat and meat from animals which have grown in very wet,rainy areas are not advisable, as they are heavy and would cause health problems.

4. Best among dal – Mudga/moong dal is the best among all the dal. Reason being the same. It is very easy for digestion and balances all the three doshas…

5. Best among salt – best among the salts which we use for daily cooking is definitely rock-salt or Saindhava lavana as Ayurveda says. It balances all three doshas. Rock salt is mostly devoid of chemical pollutants and also contains trace elements beneficial for health.

6. Best among water – Rain water, hands down,the best among water for consumption on daily basis… Provided it is collected in a clean vessel. But, I think it’s been rarely used these days due to practical issues.

7. Best among vegetables grown underground – Fresh ginger is best among the ones which are grown below the ground. Reasons which are well known…. It is a very good Digestive and regulates gas formation and colic pains. Need not tell specially that it is one of the commonly used spices in Indian cuisine…

8. Best among the oils used – Sesame oil/ tila taila is the best among the edible vegetable oil which can be used for cooking… Though it is used limited, it carries immense health benefits. But, practically any cold-pressed fresh oils can be used which is traditionally used by our ancestors eg- groundnut oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil etc….

These are just some examples of the best in each category…. It’s good if we can adopt them as far as possible in our daily lives for our own benefit…

Happy time !!!! Stay tuned !!!

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