09 June 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 8, part 4 – good food,healthy life…

In the previous articles we have been reading about the cooking methods of brinjal… That was quiet exhaustive and elaborate. Now quickly moving on, let’s see what the author has to say about other vegetables and their cooking methods.

Ivygourd – Popularly called as Bimbiphala in Ayurveda, this has been considered one of the regualrly used vegetables since centuries…. some of the recipes are listed below… read on …

1. Fresh fruits of Ivygourd are used for better taste. They are cut into pieces, fried in oil containing asafoetida and then added with required quantity of rock salt, black pepper powder. This recipe is more like a starter as it is a good appetizer.

2. Entire fruit of Ivygourd can be shallow fried in ghee. Then is it to be tossed along with spices and rock salt. Add buttermilk to this gradually and stir till a particular consistency. This is to be cooked until the fruits turn soft. This preperation is good for digestion.

3. A ripened fruit of Ivygourd is cut into two halves, smeared with a mixture rock salt and asafoetida on the inner surface and then prepared just like any other broth…

4. A ripened fruit is baked on fire. Once soft, it is mashed with hands and dipped in curds having asafoetida. Add salt to it. This improves taste and digestion.

5. In a similar recipe, the fruit can be cut obliquely, half steamed. To this one can add, salt, curds and mustard powder.

6. After these small easy and delicious recipes, author also says the general qualities of Ivygourd. It is cold in potency and but increases vata. It is good for people with bleeding tendencies. But with improper processing, it can cause bloating of the abdomen.

So, this was a brief account of a vegetable which is used very frequently in traditional indian cuisine.. in the coming days let’s discover some other vegetables.

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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