13 June 2020

Simple tips on how to assess your gut health ….

Gut health has been given a lot of importance in Ayurveda. Before going into details let’s know what is the meaning of the “gut health”.

Gut health simply means to have a good Digestive health. So, the next question we have would be how do we assess oursleves as to how is our gut ???? Here are few important signs with which you can know your gastro-intestinal tract better.

1. Clear tongue – Have a look into the mirror every morning. This simple habit can reveal a lot about your health. This is because tongue is a main spokesperson of your digestion. Even after having a good brush, having cleaned your tongue as well, if you see that your tongue is coated white, thick and feels heavy, this may not be a very positive sign. Normal looking tongue, is generally pinkish and moist. It has a normal rough look.

2. Halitosis – This is also called as a “bad breath”. Though bad breath can be due to dental issues as well, it is not uncommon in cases of poor gut health. So, if you have developed signs of bad breath without any dental/oral health issues please take it as a caution sign.

3. Heaviness of the tummy – if u have a feeling of heavy stomach inspite of having limited amount of food, this may be because of a slowed down digestion. Watch for how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel after a breakfast or lunch.

4. Having tasteless feeling – If u ever notice that you have slowly started feeling tasteless. Or may be in other words, if you feel that you are not able to appreciate a tasty meal, or if you have started feeling bitterness in your mouth all the time, this wouldn’t be a good sign of digestion.

5. Sour belching – In case you observe frequent belching after food particularly which are sour and with bad smell, or with the taste of your previous meal eaten long ago, this may not be some good news about your gut health.

6. Bowel disturbances – Just notice your bowel habit very closely. Has your bowel/motion habits changed in recent days ? Have suddenly started suffering from constipation/unclear passing of motions ? This again needs attention.

All said and done, why are we so concerned about digestion and gut health???? According to Ayurveda gut is the mirror of our actual health. When our digestive health is not taken care of, it can lead to various disorders, including joint pains, auto-immune diseases etc… Recent studies have also shown link between gut bacteria and Alzheimer’s disease.

So if you ever notice these above changes in you, or u see that you are suffering from deficiencies even after having a balanced diet, please contact a nearby Ayurveda physician for the same. Afterall, prevention is better than cure.

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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