13 June 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 8, part 5 – good food, healthy life…..

The eight chapter of the book kshemakutuhalam is a very long account of plant based, vegetable related recipes. But very interesting though. We would never have come accross so many methods of cooking your favourite vegetables that too, without onion or garlic. In the last articles, we had discussed about brinjal and Ivygourd mainly. Now moving on, we have some other interesting recipes.

1. Flat beans – also called as Nishpaava in sanskrit, this amazing green vegetable, is favourite for many. It will be also interesting to know that it is packed with multiple essential nutrients. These can be cooked in warm sesame oil containing asafoetida and once done can be added with rock salt. This can be a simple subzi which helps your digestion as well.

2. At the same time, flat beans are cold in potency. It imparts good strength and decreases vata and pitta.

3. Ridge-gourd – Ridge-gourd is also one of the commonly cooked vegetables in households. It is cleaned, ridges are removed and cut into pieces. It is then smashed into a thick paste. It is then cooked in oil and added with asafoetida, salt, tamarind and crushed black pepper. This dish is appetizing and can be used with rice/roti.

4. Some of the varients of ridge gourd are called as raja-koshataki and maha- koshataki. Both of these two are cooked similar to ridge gourd. But has their own healing properties.

What makes me appreciate this wonderful book to the chore is that, just like any other contemporary recipe books/ cooking books, this also gives the properties of those dishes and ingredients on the body. But the only difference is that, this book doesn’t tell the properties in terms of only calories and nutrition. These medieval India books explains the things in terms of Ayurveda and that makes it amazing …

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!!

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