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16 June 2020

“Anaemia” – iron deficiency and how to overcome it…

Anaemia, specially iron deficiency anaemia has been one of the leading causes of various health issues since ages. The prevelance of iron deficiency anaemia has been is approximately effecting around one third of the population. The higher risk category being pre-school children, females of reporductive age and pregnant ladies. So, let’s peep into the details of the same today.

1. IDA can happen in three ways – One, due to less iron in the diet, less absorption of iron or due to iron loss. There are various faces to all these. The first, less iron intake may be either due to economical issues i.e. if people can’t afford to take nutritious food which is rich in iron or due to lack of awareness and education about diet and nutrition, this being particularly in under-developed and developing nations.

The second reason would be less iron absorption. Here, even if we are taking food rich with iron, it may not be absorbed through our gut, due to digestion and absorption issues. Various health conditions like IBS etc may contribute to it.

The third reason of IDA may be iron loss. This happens due to various underlying health conditions which can result in heavy menstrual bleeding, heavy post partum bleeding, trauma, accidents leading to blood loss etc… This can be life threatening if severe.

2. Now lets know what are the symptoms of IDA – symptoms may go unnoticed at first…. But as the condition progresses one may notice pale skin and conjunctiva, increased weakness, lethargy, dizziness. Sometimes even light-headedness and heavy heartbeats (palpitations) etc….

3. How do we deal with it ? There are iron supplements which are available in the market. But it has their own set of bar effects on the body. Some of them being, constipation, bad taste in the mouth, nausea, dark-stools, temporary staining of the teeth etc..

To avoid these it’s better we have an idea about what can be done to prevent such a condition. Let us have a look at what are some potent sources of iron, which are easily available –

– Make sure your basic utensils in the kitchen are made of cast iron. This helps in increasing your Hb very efficiently in due course. It is one of the safest ways as well. – Some Important sources of iron which are available regularly in the kitchen include, pomegranate, raisins, jaggery, spinach, legumes for vegetarians. For non-vegetarians, some sea food and liver are some rich sources.

Ayurveda has always advised to have gooseberries everyday. Gooseberries are rich in vitamin c and hence helps a great deal in absorption of iron in your diet. Hence it becomes very important to include vitamin C rich food to make sure the iron you have in your diet is efficiently absorbed.

Stay tuned ! Happy time!!!

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