5 vegetables cooking recipes
19 June 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 8, part 6 – good food, healthy life

In the recent articles we have been having a glimpse of some amazing information about varieties of vegetables. So, continuing with the same, let’s have a bird’s view of some other vegetables which are commonly used.

1. Patola – it is both a frequently used vegetable as well as medicine. Patola belongs to cucumber family and is known for its cooling properties. It is cut into pieces and cooked in ghee containing asafoetida and added with sufficient salt. This is a good appetizer. Broth of patola is also prepared by frying in ghee and then preparing as per the general broth principles. Patola is better when cooked with white mustard, as, it can give strength and decreases vata and pitta.

2. Bottlegourd – also called as tumbiphala in Ayurveda has immense medicinal properties. It is cut into small pieces and cooked in ghee along with ghee and cumin seeds. After it is cooked well, add it with small amount of curds and rock salt. Author also praises the vegetable for it’s gorgeous health benefits like, being able to alleviate pitta efficiently and also in being good for heart health.

3. Tindisaka – (citrullus vulgaris). This is cut into pieces, seeds removed and cooked with asafoetida in oil. This is must be continuously stirred while cooking and must be cooked till it makes a noise. This is told to improve appetite. Author also describes that this vegetable is hairy, good for heart health, decreases pitta and kapha. This also has cooling properties and increases urine production. Due to its diuretic property it can be used in case of urinary stones.

4. Bilwa – (Aegle marmelos). This is commonly used as a medicine and also has a lot of health benefits. It used to be consumed as a vegetable as well. It’s fruit is used as a vegetable in general. Commonly it is known as bengal quince, golden apple. This is cut into pieces, cooked in oil with asafoetida and powder of black pepper, salt. This fruit has different properties when unripe and when ripe. When young, it light for digestion, is unctuous, and improves hunger. While the aged fruit can cause constipation.

5. Kushmanda – This is one most popular vegetable across India with a wide range of cuisines to its credit. Commonly known as Ashgourd in English, it is also known for a lot of health benefits. This is generally cooked in ghee. It can be made into curries and sweets etc.

There are so many more to come.. The highlight of this book is the qualities of each preperation and vegetable that is explained ….

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!!

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