29 June 2020

Why it’s important to let kids grow the Ayurveda way … For a better tomorrow….

2020 has not been an easy year and all this doesn’t seem to end soon…. But on flip side of all this, I think somewhere all of us have realised some gruesome blunders all of homo sapiens have done for all these centuries…. Alright, so what can be done about it ?

Let’s take a moment and think about where the problems related to Ill- health, environment, increasing crime etc have arised from. The answer is obvious …. It is because of increasing greed and extortions everywhere topped with some desperation and emotional immaturity. Greed may be for power, money or anything. So somewhere, everyone is on their feet to make sufficient for their coming generations in the family. But where did this greed and other negative emotions come from ? If we analyse and apply some logic around it, we can conclude that it is because of the wrong education system…..

A child as soon as it is born, their parents start this unfortunate exercise of comparison…. May it be milestone of physical development or whatever. A child is always compared to other kids of its age…. Why isn’t my kid fairer than her child ? Why isn’t my kid yet started to walk when other kids of her age do ? Why isn’t my child as chubby as his ? Etc etc etc.. the list goes on. When the child starts going to school, we start comparing them with other kids with regard to academic excellence and other co-curricular activities. We fail to understand that, every little one is different. We pressurise the kid to satisfy our filthy ego factors. If our neighbours kid goes to any reality show, we want ours also to participate in one such thing….. We hardly take time to find out what they are interested in. For most of the parents it’s either their unfulfilled dreams they want to fulfill it through their kids or for others their are their prized trophies!!!!!… Only people who suffer among all these would be none other than the children themselves. Somehow they are knowingly or unknowingly pushed into a rat race.

As the child grows in such an environment, though they get complete physical and intellectual maturity, they fail to develop emotional maturity ……

1. Our role as parents – let’s make our kids have a beautifully memorable childhood. Parents need to give them a lot of love, care. Teach them much needed “emotional skills” like confidence, being happy, let them have pleasant and mildly unpleasant experiences in life. Take them close to nature instead of gifting them costly toys and gadgets at the wrong age. Ultimately teach them how to deal with negative people and negative feelings (hardly anyone teaches it I know). Focus on making them a better human being and most importantly give them a right definition of “success”.

2. Our role as schools – schools ofcourse have a major responsibility as kids spend a lot of time there….. The moral science classes in schools have taken a back seat and no one really seem to take it seriously….. Education system need to focus better on, skill development which can make a child grow into independent individuals like some basic farming and growing plants, arts – music and other fine arts, improving leadership skills, team work, helping one develop their hands on daily activities and personal care etc etc…

3. Role of Ayurveda in creating a better generation – it is important to make the kid develop a habit of consuming satvik food instead of rajasika and tamasika food everyday. Help kids develop a regular habit of meditation and shloka chanting. Help kid feel proud of their rich cultural heritage. If possible let’s try to inculcate a healthy lifestyle as per Ayurveda from a very young age so that their body, mind and thoughts are free from any type of bodily doshas or doshas of the manas.

It’s very important to bring our next generation close to the concepts of Ayurveda for a better tomorrow.

Happy time!!!! Stay tuned !!!!

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