rainy season advice from ayurveda
04 July 2020

The do’s and don’ts during rainy days and what Ayurveda says about it !!!!

Monsoon is around in most of the regions and many people are prone to many health issues too… Though the season is enjoyed by many, it won’t go well with most of the people specially the ones with sensitive digestion and immunity. So let’s have a quick peep on what exactly goes on in this part of the year and how to manage the adversity.

1. Bodily doshic changes during monsoon – humours see some changes even in an apparently healthy person in this season. Vata which was undergoing accumulation/sanchaya during summer will apparently undergo prakopa during rainy season. Same way, pitta starts getting accumulated meanwhile. Hence, due to this, there can be some disturbances with relation to physiology of the body.

2. What is varsha rutu – it is the first season of visarga kaala i.e. in other words dakshinayana in simple terms…. The months associated with

3. Physiological changes in the body – digestion invariably gets slow.. it may manifest in the form of reduced appetite, bloating of tummy or even acidic feeling in the gut etc… But this may continue as a major health concern throughout the season. This season also manifests in the form of lack of strength and lethargy. So let’s see what can be done towards it.

3. Diet not to be followed in rainy days – since the digestion is impaired, we cannot expect one to have heavy food. So it’s better to avoid food which are too much oily, food which is not too heavy on digestion like paneer, cheese etc.., food which are frozen/refrigerated and things like that.

4. Diet to be taken during rainy days – any food which is helpful in improving digestion can be taken during this season. Food which has mild salty, sour and sweet taste can be taken. Adding of black pepper, ginger along with the daal/curry made is a good practice as this can help aid digestion and also prevent any sort of respiratory issues which is commonly exaggerated in rainy season. Honey, wine and old rice and grains are generally advised. Ayurveda generally tells to avoid the use of river water during rainy season, and recommends rain water for drinking ( but the question would be how much it is practical for today).

5. Other things to be avoided are day sleep and too much of exercising. Sexual intercourse is generally not recommended. It’s better to avoid panchakarma treatments or medicines, if the days are very cloudy without the advise of a doctor.

Finally, rainy days are something all of us cherish specially for it’s cold weather and drizzles which are generally enjoyed by people with some hot snacks, hot beverages and good naps… But while doing all this, let’s pay attention to our body and humoral balance as well.

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!!

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