4 fruits – ayurveda cooking recipes
15 July 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 8, part 9 – good food, healthy life…

So, back again with some interesting recipes and tips for cooking commonly used vegetables as in the book kshemakutuhalam, as we have been doing from the the past few articles.

1. Karkotaka fruit – this is again frequently used as vegetable, though not by all. This is also called as spiny gourd in English. This fruit is sprinkled with black pepper powder, cooked in oil and added with salt and asafoetida. This fruit is known to cure skin issues, white skin like leucoderma. It is an appetizer and aids digestion. It improves taste as well.

2. Green bangal-gram – green bengal gram is cooked in oil or ghee. It is cooked with a mixture of besan, water and buttermilk. This is again dressed with pepper, salt and asafoetida.

Green bengal gram can also be made with veshavara mixed with spices. In both ways when cooked, it imparts strength, increases kapha and is a laxative.

3. Fruit of cotton plant – called as karpasa phala in sanskrit. Leaves and fruits of this plant are boiled, made soft and pounded well. It is then fried in sesame oil which is rendered fragrant with asafoetida. Fruit and leaves of cotton plant are tasty and improve appetite. It can also be prepared with sour powders or tamarind. Fruit of this plant especially is very hot in potency.

4. Kareera phala – scientifically called as Capparis decidua. It is taken, deseeded, it is kept in oily vessel which has water in it for 8 days. Then It can be cooked similar to brinjal. This fruit is spicy, pungent. It is graahi. It increases kapha and pitta but decreases vata. It is also hot in potency and slightly appetizing.

There are many other vegetables, some of which are not even being considered as vegetables today and aren’t used in cooking. But we must not forget that every such plant, fruits and leaves have their own importance, health benefits too. Let’s get back to roots and try atleast some among these…..

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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