19 July 2020

Liberation – introduction to the concept in light of Ayurveda…

Homo sapiens are different from other species because of the evolutionary process it exhibits…. All species eat, sleep, show affections, have emotions, they too reproduce and die just like human beings do. But what makes man unique from other animals is the understanding of spirituality, ability to connect with the higher consciousness and many more such things. “Liberation”, or “moksha” is another such unique phenomenon, which is exclusive to human understanding. Many believe and many don’t. Its left to their logic and beyond…. Ayurveda do advocates these theories in terms of atma, manas, moksha etc…

What is moksha ? – moksha in literal sense means liberation. It is one among the four goals of life i.e. in classical terms it is one among the four purusharthas, the other three being dharma, artha and kaama.

Liberation has so many terms which go in par with its meaning or in other words which describes liberation better. Self – realisation is one such word, which means knowing one self and the purpose of one’s existence…

Interesting is to know that, Ayurveda has given ways of moksha/nivrutti. These ways can be taken as the one which frees us from the cycle of birth and death and also the one which gives us bliss, mental stability and peace. Hence, it can be taken as “liberation” from suffering in this world.

Why is moksha important ? As already told, human beings are trapped in the cycle of birth and death due to their good and bad karmas done in the lifetime. On the other side of the coin, people are also trapped in the state of misery in the lifetime due to ignorance of knowing their purpose in life or due to lack of spiritual knowledge. Moksha is hence required to “free” us from both or either of them.

Ayurveda is probably unique because of such concepts being discussed and rendered. May be that is the reason ayurveda is “holistic” and doesn’t aim at only curing the diseased but also aims at a overall harmonious and peaceful society…. No wonder Ayurveda is called “science of life” rather than being called “medical science”….

Let’s discuss about the pathways of liberation Ayurveda advocates in the coming articles….

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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