Ways of Achieving Moksha

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28 July 2020

Pathways for liberation- unique concept of Ayurveda….

Moksha or liberation has always been an intriguing topic of discussions. Moksha, which is also called as nivrithi, apavarga, prashantha etc… Has not been easy for achieving. As we already read in the previous article, moksha is not only about getting rid of the cycle of birth and death… It is about freeing oneself from miseries of the materialistic world and detaching from it to find peace within.

So, let’s have a look at very few points of achieving the state of moksha told in the same context by our sages.

  1. A person who is always finding faults in the world but still wants to get moksha must first and foremost seek a guru and follow a guru’s instruction in life.
  2. One has to respect Agni (the fire element), as Agni is the reason for this world’s existence.
  3. Have to follow the Dharma Shastras and follow the type of lifestyle advised in it.
  4. One has to talk only truth at the right time to all fellow beings. The words we talk must do something good to others must never produce problems for others.
  5. One must keep the company of only good people ( sajjana) and at the same time, keep away from bad people (durjana). Here good people can be taken as one who live for the service of others, who are wise, who are not in the control of greed, envy and other arishadvarga.
  6. Anything which causes moha (attachments) to our sense organs and which brings us extreme happiness (sukha), must be kept away from the self.
  7. Having said that, we must also be away from anything that brings us misery or sadness (dukha).
  8. One must always maintain the same peaceful state of mind alike in times when we get respect and praises and when we receive disrespect and insult. In other words we must not swell in pride when praised upon and not get depressed when hated or insulted upon. It’s important to maintain our calm equally in both such situations….
  9. To keep the mind under control one must practice yoga, not only in the form of asanas and exercising but in the form of a sadhana mentioned in ashtanga yoga.
  10. Anything which produces laziness, disinterest and lethargy in the person must be kept away.
  11. One must make self capable of tolerating extreme heat, cold, breeze etc… The person must also be able to tolerate extreme tiredness which arises after a heavy work.
  12. The person must be able to recognise the similarities between a living being and the universe. (This is a big theory called loka-purisha samya… In which it is believed that, a living creature is always miniature of the universe).
  13. The person must always be away from all physical and mental worries of all kinds before starting the sadhana by means of yoga.
  14. One must always see that the Indriyas, manas and atma are well coordinated with each other without ambiguity.
  15. The person intending moksha must have worked upon his dhi, dhriti and smriti by various ways of sadhanas and yoga.

These are just few of the pathways of moksha mentioned by Acharya Charaka…. I think such knowledge needs to imbibed in a person very early in life by which it would be easier for the person to adopt all of them in life……

Stay tuned !!!! Happy time !!!!

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