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05 August 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 8,part 12- good food, healthy life..

As we proceed through this mesmerizing book, the respect we have for the medieval Indian authors grows multiple-fold. The clarity with which the author has explained things is unimaginable…. For such systematic approach, well arranged chapters and information, which is rarely found…. Future cookbooks too may incorporate the qualities of dishes with terms pertaining to Ayurveda like the effect on doshas, tissues, diseases etc…, Rather than just describing the food only in terms of calories and nutrition…. let’s jump into the sub-chapter describing the leafs used as vegetables…

1. Vastuka shaaka – This leaf is from the Amaranthaceae family. Leaves which are cleaned from other impurities or other grass etc… In boiled with buttermilk. It is added with oil and asafoetida. Once done, it is spiced up with rock salt and black pepper…. This is said to help in digestion. It is light on the gut. Good for worm infestations and bleeding tendencies as well. It imparts strength too.

2. Tanduliyaka shaaka – now, before you start wondering what is shaaka, the term just means leaves…. This leaf, properly cleaned, can be cooked in water. Later, it can be given a round shape (pindeekritam), fried in oil, with the addition of salt. To make the recipe have better smell, ghee and asafoetida can also be added.

The same leaves, if very tender and new, can be mixed with the leaves of plant called kasamarda. Both can be fried in a mixture of oil, salt and asafoetida. This recipe helps in strengthening digestive fire…..

The leaves of tanduliyaka is in general, very light for digestion. It is cold in potency. Improves the taste. They also increases the quantity of urine and stools….

3. Kasamarda shaaka – tender casia leaves are cleaned. A paste which contains mixture of rice flour and daal is taken and smeared to the leaves. It is then cooked with ghee. Dressed with salt and black pepper powder. This is very digestive dish…. It is light and tasty. It is a good diet for people with cough.

4. Devadaali shaaka – The leaves of this plant should be first boiled in buttermilk after cleaning…. Then must be broken into small pieces. It must then be fried in ghee containing veshavara… It can later be spiced up with salt and asafoetida….

This leaf is laxative. Pungent to taste. Helps relieve problems like acidity. It is very good for general health and is a good diet for people suffering from skin issues, jaundice etc….

Many many more leaves to be described….. In the coming articles..

Stay tuned !!!! Happy time !!!!

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