Obesity Management Tips by Ayurveda
26 August 2020

Obesity – General Considerations for its Management

Obesity has been on a sharp rise since almost a decade now, thanks to faulty lifestyle…. But, let’s see what are some of the basic considerations which are to be taken seriously as per Ayurveda. The following are some of the commonly used medicines and diet plans told in the texts… They need to be followed only after consulting an ayurveda doctor only ..

1. One of the tips which can be followed easily is the daily intake of honey mixed with decoction of triphala powder… Honey is one of the best known to fight obesity, mainly because of its dry (ruksha) property…. When triphala decoction is taken along with honey, regularly, in empty stomach preferably, early in the morning, it can benefit your struggle to overcome overweight and obesity …

2. Another popular and easy combination to tackle obesity is the daily intake of honey with water which is boiled and cooled completely… I stress on the phrase cooled completely here, because, honey is antagonistic when added to hot water or when heated directly…. You can easily make it a morning ritual to have a glass of boiled and cooled water with a teaspoon of honey in it…

3. Food type – The type of food to be consumed in obesity is called as ‘guru apatarpana ahara’… i.e… food which is heavy for digestion, yet light on calories and carbohydrates… Some example of such food can be, yava which is nothing but barley… It is a good source of essential micronutrients, dietary fibre but considerably low in fat… Hence, this proves to be a good deal for obesity and weight issues..

4. Some daily routines which helps burn our unnecessary calories and fat is practices like chintha, jaagara and adhwagamana i.e… thinking hard, having night outs once in a while and regular walking respectively… Ofcourse, there is no doubt that, night sleep is not advisable.. but, may be the only condition where this is told as a part of treatment is obesity… That too jagarana with moderation… Excess can lead to more vata aggravation and can worsen the problem… And walking, exercises have been proven beyond doubt.

5. Food to be avoided – some food articles which is to be avoided or reduced in case of obesity are, milk and milk products, sugarcane and its other products etc … This is in relation to its high calorie content …

6. Food to be taken preferably for obesity – amalaki i.e. the Indian gooseberries, mustard oil, buttermilk, barley, patola (a commonly used vegetable), horse gram etc .. are some of the ingredients which are advised to be taken on regular basis for better results in obesity…

7. Treatment suggestions – there are various forms of treatment told in Ayurveda for treating obesity professionally… They can be in the form of panchakarma like shodhana, udvartana, basti etc.. they are proven to be very effective in treating obesity. But they need to be taken only after consultation from a qualified ayurveda doctor ..

Obesity is a challenge, as it’s complications and prevalence are not negligible…. But, relax, there is nothing to panic about if you are overweight or obese… Just follow these and make sure you don’t have nay underlying conditions leading to obesity, as they have to be adequately treated first….

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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