Autumn Season Health Care Tips by Ayurveda
28 August 2020

Autumn – Let’s Make the Best of this Season to Revitalize your Health

Autumn is about to peep into our lives this year and most of us still are at home, working for more hours than we used to do when going to workplace…. Ever wondered, what can be the best bet to revitalize health in this scenario ???? Well, then this article is for you…..

1. What is Sharad rutu – Autumn is known as Sharad rutu in Ayurveda and carries a lot of importance with regard to health….. It is a part of uttarayana… It falls right after varsha rutu i.e. the technical monsoon season… This is the period where rains start to decrease and it starts getting a little sunny… This season falls roughly between September and November every year…

2. How does Sharad rutu effect your body ???? Autumn affects our body in many ways… Texts say that there is an increase or prakopa of pitta dosha in this season… Pitta which had undergone chaya (accumulation??) during varsha rutu undergoes prakopa in Sharad rutu… During varsha rutu due to improper digestion (vidagdata) of food and medicines. In autumn, once we are exposed to the intense sunrays, there are all chances of increased risk of pitta related diseases… Hence, utmost care is required.

3. What to be avoided in Sharad rutu ??? Anything which is supposed to increase heat is mostly avoided during this season. Eg- oily, spicy food. Untimely meals or irregular meal timing may disturb pitta, hence better avoid such practices too… It’s better to have fixed meal timings…

It is advised to avoid eastern breeze as much as possible. Direct, harsh sunlight can also be avoided, as it can increase pitta and also increase dryness in the body…. It’s also, a safe practice to avoid too much of coffee or tea…. Sour food is direct cause of pitta disturbance, hence, better reduce the intake of sour and too much fermented food stuff in this season….

4. What to be consumed during Sharad rutu ??? It’s better to consume more of pitta decreasing food articles and medicines in this season to prevent any health issues. Food which is cold in potency, sweet or astringent can be taken, as, these both tastes helps keep pitta under control.

Best practice is to drink water which is boiled with ‘usheera’ and cooled.

Any food must be had in moderation as digestion would be still a little weak after the rains..

Sheetali sheetkari pranayama may be beneficial during this period. Before bath, abhyanga with cooling oils made of Chandana, coconut oil etc may be again helpful.

5. Yearly detoxification procedures – Sharad rutu holds the privilege of being the best season for yearly general detox of the body… As, the weather isn’t much cloudy, it helps people in having snehapana and other shodhana related medicines.

Every season has its own specialities…. All have its own pros and cons… It’s upto you to take an advise of a good Ayurveda doctor and help yourself get better with regard to general health….. Afterall, time and again wisdom of Ayurveda has been proven right for millions of people.

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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