12 basic rules of consuming food by Ayurveda
04 September 2020

Twelve Basic Rules of Consuming Food – Dwadasha Ashana Pravichara

Dietetics of Ayurveda has been very unique and different from other contemporary sciences.. The vastness of it makes us go overwhelmed about the dept of knowledge our ancestors had…. There is no inch of ambiguity on the contrary has absolute clarity…. Let us read about another such concept called, ‘Dwadasha ashana pravichara’ i.e… some basic rules to be followed by a person while consuming any food, at any time of the day and any time of the year… Let us enumerate them one by one…

1. Ushnam ashneeyath – eat food which is freshly prepared and hot/above room temperature.

2. Snighdam ashneeyath – your food must always have some amount of fat substance or in other words it must not be very dry.

3. Matravad ashneeyath – Have proper quantity of food, not too much not too less.

4. Jeerne ashneeyath – Eat only after your previous meal is digested.

5. Veerya avirudham ashneeyath – your food must never come under ‘virudha ahara’ category… Specially those which are are veerya virudha.

6 and 7. Anati dhrutam, na ati vilambhitam ashneeyath– You must not consume food very fast or very slow… The speed of consumption must be adequate.

8. Ishta deshe, ishta upakaranam ashneeyath – You must always consume food in a place in which you are comfortable and with all the necessary accessories needed for it.

9 and 10. Ajalpan, ahasan – You must consume food without talking and laughing excessively…

11. Tanmanaa bhunjeeta – Your entire concentration must be on the food you are consuming… Must not get diverted with mobile phones or TV or anything else.

12. Aatmana abhisameekshya bhunjeeta – You must always have food whose quantity and quality is suitable to your needs of body and mind… Neither of the two factors is same for all..

These twelve rules are some basic ones, which most of us fail to follow inspite of knowing them very well… This write up is a gentle reminder to all who take less time to improve health in any way… Take your first step today, with following these twelve rules.

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!

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