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07 September 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 8,part 18-good food,healthy life

Kshemakutuhalam chapter eight, had enlightened us about the varieties of ingredients used for cooking… We have discussed about leaves used in cooking and then started with the flowers used in kitchens too… So let’s have a quick peep on the other flowers ….

1. Nilini kusuma – also known as common indigo, bud of nilini flower is steamed along with buttermilk and ghee… It is then added with veshavara , asafoetida and black pepper powder…

This flower improves taste, is bitter in taste… It helps in curing moha and bhrama (roughly translating to a state of confusion and giddiness). It helps promote hair growth…

2. Agasti kusuma – the flower of agastya, is steamed in buttermilk and then asafoetida is added to it… Later it is again fried in ghee… This flower, decreases pitta and kapha… It is cold in potency. Fruit of this tree helps in running nose and related conditions.

3. Agnimantha pushpa – very tender agnimantha flower of agnimantha is soaked in water for seven nights.. it is then soaked in buttermilk, then fried in ghee, and added with salt for taste.. it is then made fragrant with asafoetida…

Agnimantha is very good for the heart … It decreases all three doshas.. it is helpful in curing bloating of abdomen, vomiting, swelling, eye diseases and many more health problems….

4. Shaana pushpa – Flower of hemp is boiled in buttermilk and then fried in oil… It is flavoured with salt, black pepper powder and asafoetida… This flower is sweet on digestion, it improves taste… It imparts strength and has many more good qualities too..

With this, the description of flowers end… The next section is about useful pallavas i.e. leaf sprouts… Until then,

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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