how to choose right quantity of food
08 September 2020

How do you choose the right food quantity?

Ninety percent of our health depends on our lifestyle, mainly the cycle of food-air-sleep and exercise… first and foremost here being food…. Because food is the one main influence on the digestive fire and our health primarily is based on the condition of digestion… For all this, to be maintained well, choosing the right quantity of food is essential.. let us try to know HOW to choose the optimum qunatity !!!

1. “Aahara matra punah agnibala apekshini” – this can be described as, the ‘right’ quantity of food to be consumed by an individual always depends on the Agni of the person.. Hence, we cannot standardise one particular quantity of food ONLY depending on parameters like age or gender… Quantity can vary with one’s own appetite..

2. If the food your taking in heavy for digestion ??? If your taking a calorie rich or fat rich food, which is comparatively heavy for digestion, make sure you take it just half the quantity of satisfaction… Don’t fill your tummy tight with such food.. It can impact your digestion..

2. If the food your taking is light for digestion ?? If your sure that the food your taking is something light for digestion, then you can take it in such an amount that it doesn’t cause too much satiety..

3. How can you be sure that you have consumed the right quantity of food ??? There are certain symptoms and signs which are told in the classics, using which you can assess your gut and be sure that you have consumed right amount of food… They are called as ‘matravat ahara laskhanas’ and are as follows –

a) If you are comfortable while sitting, breathing, laughing, sleeping, walking etc, and you don’t feel any discomfort, then it shows that you have taken proper quantity of food…

b) If you don’t feel a kind of heaviness or discomfort in your cardiac area, then you have eaten the right amount.

c) If you feel that your sense organs have got clarity in functioning.

d) If you feel that your thirst and appetite is normal … i.e. your food gets digested in the normal time which you are generally used to…

e) If you don’t feel discomfort in your flanks even on slight movements after food intake …

4. What are the demerits of taking excess quantity of food (atimatra ahara)???? Incase you end up in over-indulgence in food, it is described to cause, ‘ aashu doshaan prakopayet’… i.e. it increases the doshas immediately… It also causes Agni related problems like indigestion, alasaka, visuchika etc…

5. What are the demerits of less quantity of food (hina matra ahara) – if a person doesn’t consume sufficient quantity of food, it leads to various kinds of vata related ailments because, it is a type of langhana which is done… It leads to under nourishment of body and most importantly ojas..

So, all said and done, please make sure you consider all these apt points which indicates health or ill-health..

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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