what sort of vegetables to be avoided
16 September 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 8, part 22- good food, healthy life..

At the end of the eighth chapter, author describes some points to be considered while choosing vegetables. It tells us about some general merits and demerits of vegetables..

1. What sort of vegetables to be avoided ??!!! Author of the book kshema Sharma says that, any vegetable which is,

  • too old vegetable, which is consumed for a long period of time, must not be consumed.
  • one must not consume vegetable which naturally doesn’t belong to the season (akaalotha)..
  • Uncooked or partially cooked vegetable must not be eaten. It may be because they would be heavy for digestion and a person with impaired Agni would get ama due to it.
  • A vegetable which is too soft or too much ripe must not be used.
  • The one which doesn’t belong to your territory, or is not locally grown must not be consumed. This is because a vegetable grown in anoopa desha may be very heavy for digestion and likewise. Hence locally grown is considered comparatively healthier.
  • A vegetable that is grown in places where too much of poisonous animals must not be used for cooking… The reason behind this is likely not known (?).

2. Author again says that, any other vegetable, except mulaka i.e. radish, one must not consume dry crops. According to author radish is one vegetable which can be consumed as whole…

3. Author says that most of the vegetables are bad for health of eyes, except a few.. In general most of them reduce virility…

4. In the same context, it is also told by the scholar that, whichever part us used, root, leaf, flower, fruit etc.. for cooking, it depends ultimately on the person who cooks to make it healthy and tasty..

With this, the eight chapter comes to an end… It has ofcourse been a wonderful journey to elaborate the vegetable based recipes, that too very systematically with its merits and demerits…

Happy time !!! Stay tuned !!

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