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20 September 2020

The wonder herb called Haritaki – for good health..

Ayurveda is indeed a treasure house of some seemingly amazing herbs and minerals, which have the capability of transforming our lives in a healthier way… Nevertheless, inspite of the various challenges on the way, Ayurveda has made its way to be known as a promising way of preventing diseases and for curing, already manifested diseases. Among all the herbs which are mentioned in classics, major importance has been given to some like ‘haritaki’. So, let’s discuss how it can affect our health positively.

1. Botanically called as Terminalia chebula, this herb is mentioned in many contexts in the texts… It has many varieties too..

2. What are its properties ? Speciality of Haritaki is that, it possesses five tastes (five rasas), except salty taste.. It exhibits hot potency but changes to being sweet after digestion (vipaaka). By nature, it is light and dry… Overall, it is also a good rejuvinator and has been explained first among all rasayanas in charaka samhita..

3. What are its effect on doshas ? Haritaki has an amazing quality of balancing all the three doshas, may be owing to its multiple rasas (tastes)… Due to this, it is a drug of choice in a wide range of clinical conditions…

4. Other clinical actions of Haritaki – It is known to be a laxative and hence promotes bowel movements… Haritaki also promotes intelligence, increases memory. It increases digestive capacity too.. It is good for eye health and promotes life span… All these actions depends on the drugs with which it is used..

Apart from its general actions as told above, it is used in various disease conditions like, haemorrhoids, constipation, swellings, spleen related issues and many more. A doctor can best choose it for you.

5. Haritaki in a healthy person – This drug is used for the purpose of anti-ageing too in a healthy person. The best form in which it can be used is called ‘rutu haritaki’.. i.e. consuming it with various adjuvants according to the season.. let’s have a look,

a) In rainy season, when there is a known aggravation of vata, Haritaki is used with rock salt (also called saindhava lavana in Ayurveda).
b) In Autumn i.e. Sharad rutu, when there is aggravation of pitta, Haritaki is consumed with sugar candy i.e. sharkara.
c) In Hemanta rutu I.e. early months of winter, it is consumed with ginger.
d) In severe winter I.e. it is consumed with pippali i.e. also known as long pepper or piper longum.
e) In the next season i.e. vasanta rutu, also called as, spring, Haritaki is taken with honey. This is to control the kapha which is aggravated at this season naturally..
f) Lastly in summer i.e. greeshma rutu, it is taken along with guda/jaggery.

Not only the ones mentioned here, but Haritaki is generally a part of various formulations, which treats numerous other health conditions.. For more information please contact an Ayurveda doctor. However, it is suggested that, pregnant and lactating women must be cautious while consuming it…

There are many such potent herbs told in Ayurveda, let’s have a look at them one by one in the coming days… Until then, stay tuned !!!

Happy time !!

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