How important is your body to you
24 September 2020

How important is your body to you ??!!!!!

Ayurveda has stood tall with respect to some strong and interesting concepts. This makes us wonder at the clarity of thoughts our sages had. In the texts we find some scattered references which quotes the importance of our body and the need of taking care of it. Read on… know some of them.

1. Role of shareera in purushartha sadhana – Concept of chaturvidha purushartha i.e. four fold steps and means of achieving moksha (salvation/liberation) is beautifully explained in the classical texts of Ayurveda. They being, dharma, artha, kaama, all finally leading to moksha.. But, if you think, what is required to achieve all this ? It is nothing but, the BODY. Without the presence of a healthy body, it is impossible to achieve anything in path of moksha. This, becomes a very valid reason to take proper care of your body, because, your body alone can make your soul get liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

2. Ayurveda texts give some very creative simileys to convey the importance of body to a person. A classical text charaka samhita says, just like a charioteer takes good care of his chariot, or just like a resident takes care of area where he/she is residing, similarly one must look after and maintain the external body in good condition… There is nothing wrong in looking after your body.

3. There is another classical quotation which says, sarvam anyat parityajya shareeram anupalayet, which means, leave everything else aside and first give importance to taking care of your body.. ultimately, that is what is the most necessary thing to do, as it can lead you to moksha.

There are many more quotations, only some of which have been mentioned here. Ayurveda is indeed a treasure house of in dept knowledge. It’s multi-dimensional view makes it stand tall. It talks about spiritual science, medical science, prevention, curing and much more, very precisely…

Stay tuned for more knowledge on Ayurveda !!! Happy time !!!

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