eternal theories of ayurveda
24 September 2020

Some Timeless, Eternal Theories of Ayurveda

Off late, I have been wondering, what makes Ayurveda so special. This amazing medical and life science has always stood out of the crowd with its complete approach… The main reason being, it’s three sixty degree explanations of cure and prevention, with a spiritual touch. While going through the texts, we find some statements which are true irrespective of context and time.. let’s peep into them here.

1. Karya and karana Siddhanta – This unique principle tells, that every incident or event that happens would surely have a reason behind it.. the incident is told as ‘karya’ and the reason for it to happen is ‘karana’.. I think you can hardly find a person who could disagree with this. This can in short be defined as the cause and effect theory.. Any effect to happen, there needs to be a cause.

2. Sarvada Sarva bhavaanam samanyam vruddhi Karanam – It means, when anything similar is added, it increases in quantity and/or quality and on the other hand, if you add something of opposite quality to anything, it decreases in quality and/or quantity… I think whatever be the context, let alone medical science, this theory must and will hold good, eternally. This is timeless and ultimate.

3. Sheeryathe iti shareeram – This phrase, defines a living body called shareera and conveys that, anything that undergoes destruction with time or something which goes on perishing with time, is called as shareera.. This is again a timeless truth.. It’s a known fact and all of us know that, our body keeps undergoing destruction and repair periodically. There isn’t anyone who can contradict this statement and will hold good until living beings exist. Even recent sciences have studied and suggested that, our entire body changes completely within a period of seven to ten years… So, technically, our body what we are in today, is completely changed and transformed within a decade. We are completely different…. Soul is only the constant, through various bodies.

4. Swabhavoparama vaada – This is another complex theory which suggests the temporary nature of everything, including the disease. It states that, just like anything else, disease also gets distorted and destroyed with time. But, it’s upto the physician to increase and aid the process of disease destruction. In other words, physician merely helps the patient cure faster and with less sufferings and complications. Otherwise, if you have followed a healthy lifestyle, your body would be capable of curing itself, afterall, like anything less, disease also would have a expiry date and lifespan ….. (Just like poison also has a shelf life).

There are many many more theories of Ayurveda which are true to all times. Like, the theory of loka purusha saamya, pancha mahabhoota theory etc etc… The list is endless..

Stay tuned !!!

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