deep fried dishes cooked with black gram flour
01 October 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 9, part 2 – good food,healthy life..

We read about some mouth watering and healthy preparations like ‘sandhanaka‘… In the next few versus author describes about some deep fried eatables, which are mostly made of black gram flour. These are altogether called as, vatika -vataka prakara. Let’s have a quick peep into this range.

1. Dry vati of black gram flour – small round balls, made of paste of black gram is deep fried in heated oil and then must be dipped in buttermilk. It can then be served after drying it a little. Or, another variant of this is also possible. The deep fried vatakas can also be cooked in the same way, as a meat broth is prepared. Here essential and desirable spices are also used.

2. Aardra pishta vati – Here, the same vati of black gram paste, which is fried in oil, can then be boiled in veshavara, which has all necessary spices. This is called as wet vati which is prepared of masha (black gram) paste.

3. Dhumamsi vatika – here, vatikas are prepared in the same way, by frying paste of black gram. But here, the fried product is again boiled in buttermilk with any kind of desirable spices…

4. Author also says that, any kind of such vatika, made of masha is extremely strengthening, provides good nutrition. It improves semen quantity and quality. It is also good for heart health.

5. Masha pishtendari – after preparing some steamed idli kind of thing from black gram paste, it is cut into pieces, mixed with rock salt and then cooked or fried like a vati/vatika. Such kind of preperation is aphrodisiac and improves semen quantity. It also decreases kapha and vata.

Author also specifies that, such type of vatikas can also be prepared with green gram flour too, instead of black gram flour and then cook it with veshavara in oil.

These are some very different preperations and are healthy too. Many more to come in the coming articles.

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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