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06 October 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 9, part 3 – good food, healthy life.

We have been reading about some amazing health recipes which are good to taste as well. In the last article we were surprised about the number of vatikas mentioned. But all of them were made from the base material of black gram flour… Now, let us read some other varieties too.

1. Mudgendari – mashendari was the vatikas prepared with black gram flour and mudgendari is the one made with green gram flour (mudga being green gram). In a unique recipe, round shapes like balls of green gram flour is made and is stuffed with spices like asafoetida, cumin seeds, salt, fresh ginger etc and cooked. Here ‘cooked’ word might refer to either deep frying or steaming… (??). This preperation is used to stimulate digestive fire in people with poor Agni.

Green gram, in general is, cold in potency. It is light for digestion. It is one of the things told for daily consumption in Ayurveda. It decreases all three doshas. The best part is, it can be processed as per our taste and health. It improves taste as well.

2. A dish made of vesana – Vesana here may refer to ‘besan’, as popularly called in India and it is nothing but flour of Bengal gram. This flour is poured little by little into boiling water which contains asafoetida. It is then cooked till it gets thick. It is then removed from the stove and put on a flat surface. It is then pressed with the hands, spread flat and cut into long and thin shape (like thick thread). It is then dipped in veshavara and fried in hot oil. Either it can be given a dry form like vatika or can be prepared in the form of liquid like a broth using veshavara.

3. Pakkavati – this is an interesting name given to the next preperation. This dish is like a snack and is based out of Vesana i.e. Bengal gram flour. The flour is poured into boiling water containing salt and asafoetida and is stirred until thick. It is then made into small round shape, of size of amalaki or even bigger. It is then dipped in hot oil and fried until crisp. This can either be had as such or can be dipped in buttermilk or veshavara and boiled again. Author describes this dish with very flowery and colourful words and compares it to a beautiful woman too.

Any preperation with spices, made of Bengal gram is light for digestion. It is drying and hence aggravates vata. It is cold in potency in general. It is appetizing too, depending on the spices used for its cooking.

4. Kora vataa – This kind of dish is prepared with any base flour with a spice mix of black pepper powder, fresh ginger, crushed cumin seeds, rock salt, cinnamon and asafoetida. This is mixture is made into a dough and deep fried in oil. This dish, as per the author is very flavourful and appetizing.

There are many more such flour based preperations which are described in this chapter. Stya tuned to this space for more updates ..

Happy time !!!

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