8 Changes you Need to Bring in Your Lifestyle Right Now
07 October 2020

Top 8 changes you need to bring in your lifestyle right now…

Good health is the most talked upon topic these days. Surprisingly people who never cared about their body and health are suddenly into self care and immunity boosting. Here, one thing we need to remember is, nothing happens overnight or by few days of practice. If u have been wrong with your food and practices all these years, you can’t expect some magic with handful of herbs, merely within days. We can say that this situation of novel corona virus pandemic has awakened people and time and again proven that, health actually needs some attention. So, here are top eight tips to be followed on a long run to improvise your health…

1. Have a regular routine most of the days and as far as possible… Regularity in terms of food and sleep timings mostly. It needs to be the same everyday. Frequently changing thd timings of these would alter the natural rythm of your body and cause diseases. It’s understandable that it is difficult for most of the people owing to the busy schedules, but then, that is how it is…

2. Avoid too much of anything – anything very good for health too is not recommended on a very long run…. Overdoing will certainly have unwanted effects on your body. Only food articles and daily routines which are advised in texts for daily adaptation needs to be done everyday.

3. Avoid anything artificial – artificially prepared articles either food or toiletries or anything for that matter needs to be kept away to the extent possible. Here, by artificial, I’m talking about processed food, any other things which are used internally or externally and possess heavy chemicals needs to be avoided.

4. Avoid stress.. it can be one of the major root cause for any disease. Remember that, no problem is bigger enough to take a toll on your health. Stress creates an ’emergency’ situation in your body which in turn can disrupt your sleep, appetite etc..

5. Any advice of taking TOO much of water is a myth – as I already told you, over doing of anything is bad. This implies to water intake too. Except in few medical conditions, a healthy human being need not take water in excess unnecessarily just because it is put up somewhere over the internet… Over hydration can also cause problems in your body. It is best to follow your body ques and drink only when thirsty. Amount of water intake for a healthy body depends on many factors. Too much of water is not a general rule for all.

6. Exercise – moderate exercise which goes well with your body condition must be followed regularly. I specified ‘which suits you’ because, the amount of exercise each person needs depends on various factors. Those factors are, age, stamina, body constitution, disease condition, season, occuaption of the person and many many more factors. Thumb rule is to exercise but which type of exercise and how much of exercise is different for all. Consult any Ayurveda vaidya to know more about physical activity.

7. Follow dinacharya and rutu charya told in the texts – particular types of regimes are told for each day and each season seperately. They are extremely helpful and we can practically see the alterations in health if one fail to follow them. Following of dos and don’ts is a must for good health. This also includes seasonal detoxification procedures.

8. Sleep and its rules – sleep is as vital as is the right food and exercise to the body. It naturally helps the body rejuvinate itself. It is the time to give rest to body and mind. Hence regular NIGHT sleep is absolutely needed for every person. I specified ‘night’ because day sleep is not at all recommended (except in a few rare conditions). Same way, night sleep must be too much disturbed or late too.

It needs motivation to come out of the bad practices we have had in the past… Completely agree with that. But, as it is popularly told, it is never late to start anything good too….

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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