Oil fried dished made with flour
10 October 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 9, part 4 – good food, healthy life.

Chapter nine of the book kshemakutuhalam is a very interesting read. It mostly has flour as the major ingredient and is mostly oil fried with necessary spices. These may vaguely resemble pakoda kind of preparations which are popularly made in india… Let us have a quick peep into some more such mouth watering dishes.

bheema vataka

1. Bheema vataka /Bheema yoga – This vataka is named after a mythological character Bheema of Mahabharata. This dish is not explained in too much detail. Here, just the detailed spices are told, which are to be added. Any vataka which is prepared with asafoetida, cumin seeds, rock salt, mango powder, black pepper and cinnamon becomes very special. Further, author explains about the taste and flavour of this dish with very flowery sentences. He says, it is so crisp that, when we place it in between our teeth, it makes a typical sound of “muru muru”. He also further adds that, only blessed souls get to savour this dish.

2. Ghola vataka – Here, author says, a vataka of black gram flour has to be made and dipped in ghola. Ghola, is a preparation similar to lassi (an indian preparation in which curds is churned but fat isn’t removed from it). It is told that, this ghola vataka preparation is good for heart health, it is strengthening and heavy for digestion. It decreases vata too.

kwathitha - ayurveda recipe

3. Kwathitha – this is a very interesting preperation. Here, some buttermilk is taken and to this, some coriander powder and besan (Bengal gram powder) is added. This is filtered through and cloth and kept for boiling. To this, spices like cumin, ginger, salt,asafoetida etc are added. Any kind of vataka can be dipped into this preperation and this base material made of buttermilk is called kwathitha. Vataka when soaked in kwathitha becomes appetizing in nature. It might be detrimental to eye health and might cause bleeding in people who are susceptible to it.

Various kinds of such vatakas (may be the same as modern day vadas) are made of many types of flours…. Properties of all these preperations, depends on the grain used for flour and spices used in the dish…

Many more dishes yet to be explored… Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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