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13 October 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 9,part 5 – good food, healthy life..

Chapter nine of Kshemakutuhalam, has been describing some mouth watering, appetizing and healthy snacks and dishes of various types, Most of which are, flour based and made with more oil. Let us see some more good ones..

1. Amla vataka – (A vataka which tastes sour). Here, a vataka must be prepared (with any flour ?) by stuffing with fresh ginger, black pepper powder, cumin powder, asafoetida and rock salt. It is then cooked in buttermilk containing lentils. To this, cardamom is added. Once, cooked well, it is dipped in the base liquid of kwathitha (described in the previous article). This dish, cures conditions related to digestion and absorption and is appetizing….

2. Dhwamsi vataka – This is also almost a similar type of preperation where, black gram is washed well to remove impurities, dried completely and made into powder. It is then made into round shapes (of size of gooseberries) and deep fried in oil. These prepared vadas are placed in a new vessel which is fumigated with asafoetida. When serving, it is served with buttermilk. This vataka is called as dhwamsa vati. It is also called as pushpa vati by some scholars.

The same dhwamsa vati can be modified for better taste. While frying, it can be mixed with various spices like, asafoetida, fresh ginger, cumin seeds, black pepper, long pepper. Author describes that, this recipe is as light as a lotus flower. It gives great taste too. This is also, strengthening, appetizing, improves taste, good for the heart and decreases vata.

3. Chincha vataka – Now this, is a very interesting recipe. Never heard before kind of… Here, a prepared vada is to be dipped in a sauce made of jaggery and tamarind extract and add black pepper powder to it. Here, the speciality is that, the tamarind used for this must be ripened in a stone vessel. Though we don’t know the reason behind stone vessel told, this is something which can be surely tried…

Author says that, chincha vataka is a good appetizer and only fortunate people get to taste it. Owing to its black pepper and tamarind, it definitely increases pitta. It decreases vata and is also a laxative.

With these dishes, chapter nine comes to an end and I’m sure most of you would be already trying some of these with your desired variations. Cherry on the cake? You know the effect these dishes have on your health when you try them.

Let’s catch up for next set of recipes from upcoming chapters.

Stay tuned !!!! Happy time !!!

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