22 October 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 10, part 2 – good food, healthy life…

This chapter is going to be very interesting and mouth-watering, as many have a sweet tooth…. Let’s explore more.

1. Phenika made of black gram powder – Here, fine powder of black gram is mixed with butter to make a dough like mixture. It is then taken in a portali or bag made of sheep skin. This bag must have a very tiny hole at the bottom… Ghee is heated in a vessel and this black gram paste must be trickled down in the heated ghee. This gets different shapes when it falls into heated ghee. It can be circular or elongated or any other shape. Once cooked in ghee till crisp, it is taken out and applied with sugar syrup externally…

This Phenika made of black gram, deep fried in ghee is heavy for digestion, decreases vata and improves strength.

2. Ladduka – These are also some sort of sweets, made from a wide variety of ingredients and thereby differing in quality depending on substances used. There is on ladduka (laddu ??) which is made up of rice flour and curds. Here, rice flour is sieved through a cloth, made into a dough using curds and fried in ghee in small sizes. Later, sugar syrup is added to it.

Such a ladduka is good at imparting strength, decreases vata and pitta. It also improves intellect and good for heart health.

Same way, it can be made with wheat flour and many other ingredients of one’s choice.

Stay tuned for many other recipes !!!

Happy time !!!

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