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27 October 2020

Best utensils to adopt right now in your kitchens..

Health awareness is on the peak suddenly due to various untoward circumstances in the past few years. That may be pandemics or may be rise in hormonal disturbance issues in many or may be even rise in the cancer cases worldwide.. whatever health issue, there is no point in discussing treatment methods or about lowering the number of cases until there is a solid lifestyle change. One such important change must come from your kitchen !!! Yes, you heard it right. From the kitchen. Even more vital among them are the utensils we choose for cooking..

So today, let’s see what kind of utensils are supposed to be used and what kind to be adopted !!!!

3 types of utensils to be disposed right away from your kitchen

1. Non-stick cookware – this is by far the most dangerous utensil you might be using for years now.. These cookwares are coated with polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon, which has the capacity to ruin your health in a short run… It is said to be highly carcinogenic when heated….

2. Aluminium – aluminium has been used regularly by most of the households now specially in India… But little did we know, that aluminium can get mixed with your food when heated. It gets into our body and the worst part comes now. Evidences show that aluminium gets deposited in our bodies. Recently it has also been linked to increasing conditions like Alzheimer’s and senile dementia…

3. Copper – It’s been a common notion that, cooking in copper is healthy… Ofcourse right that it is a good conductor of heat and hence is good for cooking. But not many know that it reacts to salt and sour things in our food…. It can also sometimes cause nausea and other health issues…

So, since we have seen what not to use, it’s time to know… What to use…

1. Iron vessels – Iron has been used in traditional kitchens since long and is said to have a lot of health benefits. It naturally improves your haemoglobin too.

2. Stainless steel vessels – These type of utensils when made of high quality, it can be of good use in regular cooking. The best part being, it doesn’t react to the chemicals and acids in food. It stays non reactive to almost everything. Though, when used to store very salty food like pickle, it may start to corrode. But when it comes to cooking, it can be one of the safest options…

3. Mud utensils – this is by far the safest and most healthy cookware… Please start adopting it in your kitchens for better health!!!

Hope this write up was useful and even if one family adopts the changes suggested, we would be very happy to write more for you!!!

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Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!!

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