ayurvedic recipes for modak or ladoo and their health benefits
03 November 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 10, part 3 – good food, healthy life..

Well, there has been a long gap with this series !!! We were actually reading about a chapter which is dedicated to sweets or desserts and it has some quiet interesting recipes to offer… Let’s continue on this “sweet journey”..

1. Chitha modaka – vartika kind of I.e. elongated kind of flour paste dough is fried in ghee and dipped in a good quality sugar syrup…it can be scented with camphor for more flavour. This dish seems to be very divine in taste and is called as chitha modaka… Here, flour which is used as a base material can be wheat too… From wheat, many varieties of sweet dishes can be done…

2. Various types of laddus are made, with many ingredients and many shapes !!!… But in general all these kind of preparations impart strength due to the amount of calories they possess, it is sweet, heavy for digestion. On the other hand, it also decreases vata and pitta and increases the quality of semen..

3. Laddu made from black gram or bengal gram – there is another, very familiar sweet dish which is regularly made in India. Here, paste of black gram or green gram flour is passed through a sieve into heated ghee and deep fried.. When turned golden, it is removed from ghee and mixed with sugar syrup, later made into round shaped “laddu”.. This resembles the original ‘boondi laddu’ which is prepared commonly on special occasions in India.

Such a laddu which is made from black gram flour is said to be heavy for digestion, gives strength and improves semen quality. It’s an aphrodisiac.

Not just vegetarian, but in the coming versus, author describes about dishes made with fish and meat… Let’s have a look at that in the coming write ups..

Stay tuned ! Happy time !!!

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