satmya in ayurveda - process of adapting good habits
05 November 2020

All you need to know about an unparalleled concept of ‘satmya’ in Ayurveda…

Ayurveda is well known for its out of the box concepts. It has a solution to everything… So, today let’s read about one such topic, which requires our attention. It’s about being accustomed to or habituated to something, either good or bad.

There would be so many food, medicines, addictions, regimes etc etc to which all of us would be slowly, knowingly or unknowingly fallen into. Some habits may be good or some may be bad. Some need to be continued life long and some needs to be changed.

Satmya is one of the ten fold examination we need to do, in order to know more about the patient’s routine and thereby his health..

All of these fall into the bracket of ‘satmya’ in Ayurveda. There are various types of satmyas.

Like say for example, a person is habituated to having hot water with honey everyday early in the morning in empty stomach. It’s indeed a tough job to make them get out of that habit and to convince that, adding honey to anything hot is bad. It is difficult to change that routine too.. Supposedly, someone has a habit of taking tea or coffee early in the morning in empty stomach, again we need to advise them to get over it…

Some people may be so much habituated to having erratic food timings, random types of food etc..

Even others may be used to habits and addictions like smoking cigarettes, having alcoholic drinks, narcotic drugs, tobacco chewing and many more !!! Again we need to change this habit and stop them from taking them.

Why do we need to change these habits ???? In Ayurveda, there is a concept of “oka satmya”. It means, some routine, habit or anything which we are indulged into since many years… Our bodies get so used to them, that sometimes we don’t even see any adverse effects on the person who follows it… But, it doesn’t mean we can continue it for life… Scholars say, that at some point of time, it may have an effect on your health, hence they need to be stopped and slowly healthy habits must replace them.. .

There is a specific pattern mentioned in Ayurveda for this transition. It is called as “padamsha krama”. Let’s discuss that in the next article !!!! We just hope it helps a few !!!!!

Happy time !!! Stay tuned to this space !!!

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