Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), causes, symptoms, home remedies, and ayurvedic treatment
12 November 2020

All you need to know about the condition of mal-absorptions and IBS

There are various conditions which can lead to decreased efficiency of digesting food and also absorbing it to the system. Most common them being, the irritable bowel syndrome.. it is a type of condition where we don’t really find any anatomical or actual deformity grossly. But there is definitely a lot of functional derangement in the duties of gut… The specific part what is told in Ayurveda for this part of the gut is “grahani” which can roughly be correlated to the part below the stomach and above large intestine.

So, it’s important to know what wrong lifestyle can lead to such a state??? There are many reasons, which knowingly or unknowingly we follow and land up in this disease called grahani. Let us know them one by one –

– having food when the previous meal is not yet digested. – too much of heavy food and cold food intake. – having too much of junk and processed food. – Some ayurveda treatments like snehapana and virechana which have gone wrong. – disturbances in sleep too often. – last, but not the least, on the contrary the most dominant reason for IBS being, psychological factors like stress, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions. IBS is mostly of psycho-somatic origin and can’t deny the role of mental and emotional factors here.

What could be the signs and symptoms of IBS ??? – having altered bathroom habits. This is the most important sign of the condition. Like say, for some days you have constipation but fee days you develop loose motions. – Another prominent feature of this condition is the urge or visit restroom soon after having a meal. – This condition can also come with the package of troubles like, burning sensation in the chest, burps, tummy pain episodes, indigestion and many more. – Gradually, due to less absorption of the nutrition, it can lead to various deficiencies and also wieght loss due to long standing gut trouble.

What can be done about this ??? – Regular intake of buttermilk, pomegranate, Cumin seeds,Warm water,easy-to-digest food articles and moderate amount of exercise is quiet crucial in bringing down the symptoms. But texts highlight the use of buttermilk in regulating the disease.

– most importantly, avoiding stress and tensions plays a major role.

– having food on proper timings, not having erratic food habit helps to a great extent.

– Some important herbs used in IBS are, musta, pomogranate, jeeraka, kutaja, guduchi, changeri and many more. They are all available in the form of simple formulations…. Please do contact an Ayurveda vaidya on for further consultation and management if you are suffering from this condition and looking for a way out !!!!

Happy time !!! Stay tuned !!!

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