ojas in ayurveda, body dhatu, immunity and tips to improve it
12 November 2020

Understanding of a unique concept of “ojas” in Ayurveda

Immunity has been a most discussed topic worldwide… But before we start reading the same golden milk or tulasi, let’s understand what is immunity all about and what Ayurveda tells about this !!!!

So what exactly is ojas ??? Ojas is the essence of all the dhatus of the body… There are seven varieties of dhatus mentioned in Ayurveda, which starts from rasa and ends with shukra and each one of them have their own set of functions in the body. In that sense, not sure how much right it would be to call a dhatu as a tissue, but that is how it is considered by recent scholars… After all dhatus are nourished by the food we take, ultimately it creates the ojas. It is mainly located in the hridaya (heart) but pervades all over the body…

Ojas is responsible for the core sustainence of life. Ojas when optimum nourished life. It imparts longevity. Ojas, provides clarity of thought, emotions, memory, intellect. It provides efficient immunity to a person. It is responsible for the physical strength of the person too. Any damage to ojas can also lead to cessation of life !!!!.

So, in short, ojas is nothing but the entity responsible for our lives.. There are many recent authors who correlate it to certain contemporary terminologies. But, not sure if it makes any justice.

If you ask me, is ojas something which can be “proven” or something which can be shown under a microscope or in a test tube, I’m afraid it can’t be. Because, Ojas is mainly appreciated through its functions in the body.

What are the charecteristics of ojas ? Ojas has been told to possess ten prominent qualities. Surprisingly, these ten qualities are something which is exactly opposite to that of alcohol as per texts….

Some qualities of ojas are, it is cool like a moon, it is stable, it is white in colour, it is slimy, it is unctous and many many more.

What are the do’s to improve your ojas ???

1. Having wholesome food, on time. Having satvik food helps a lot.

2. Too much of bitter, astringent, pungent and dry food to be avoided.

3. Avoid stale food, refrigerated food consumption on regular basis.

4. Among the herbs which increase ojas, we have a group of drugs called as “jeevaniya gana”. This is one of the best in improving the ojas, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Please consult an ayurvedic physician for the same.

5. Most important being, the regular seasonal detoxification. It is to be followed every year, under the guidance of a qualified ayurveda vaidya. So, that, the overall digestion, absorption and metabolism of medicines taken to improve ojas can be effective.

6. Too much erratic sleep patterns, staying awake for long durations at night, stress, worries, emotional roller-costers are among the most vital things which can effect your ojas negatively. They are to be strictly avoided.

Hope to see all follow these simple things for better strength and overall health, vitality.

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!

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  1. Seven Dhatus are the foundation structure of our body and the basis of growth and survival. The food that we consume is assimilated in our body in the form of ‘Ahar Rasa’ which helps in survival, growth and fortification. From this Ahar Rasa originates the life sap or ‘Jeevan Rasa’ which is the preliminary source of the Dhatus. There are seven dhatus in all which forms the different organs and different body systems. These are:

    1. Rasa,
    2. Rakta,
    3. Mansa,
    4. Meda,
    5. Asthi,
    6. Majja and
    7. Shukra Dhatu.https://www.indianetzone.com/5/seven_dhatus_ayurveda.htm

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