What Does Your Nails Tell About your Health _
12 November 2020

What Does Your Nails Tell About your Health ?

Every cell, every tissue of our body has its own significance in reflecting the general health condition of an individual. One such body part is the nail !!!… Yes.. you heard that right.

Nails, when observed keenly can give us a hint of any underlying problem which may be troubling a person. Let us see what these tiny part has to offer.

1. Bluish or purplish nails – This colour change of nails can be seen in people who have chronic respiratory and/or cardiac issues like bronchial asthma, chronic smokers etc. This happens due to lack of oxygen supply leading to hypoxia and cyanosis. Here, immediate intervention in strengthening the respiratory and cardiac activity must be done. Pranayam and breathing practices could also help a great extent.

2. Brittle nails which looks lustor less and dry – Here, nails mostly present with long ridges, covering the entire nail. This can actually show some mal-absorptions or poor digestive mechanisms leading to deficiencies. Hence, digestion and nutritive value to be taken care here. Brittle nails can also be a sign of underlying thyroid issues, iron deficiencies or simply as a part of ageing process.

3. Putting of nails – Here,nail looks as if they are having multiple dents. It can usually reflecting some underlying pathologies like psoriasis, lupus or any other inflammatory conditions.

4. Koilonychia – This means spooned nails. Here, nails are either flat or even concave shaped in severe cases. It can be usually seen in cases of iron deficiency anaemia, folate deficiencies, mal-absorptions and other conditions. It can suggest intestinal worms in few. Naturally it can occur in people residing in high altitudes or may be even heriditory in few.

5. White coloured moon-shaped curves on the base of nail – this area of a nail is called as a lunula. Lunulae is normally present in a otherwise healthy individual and refers to good metabolism as well. Even though there is no sure shot research which is found, an absent lunula can suggest various kinds of ill health like, zinc and calcium deficiencies, thyroid irregularities and much more.

6. Different body types (prakrutis) also have different types of nail features. Like for example, vata prakruti people generally have dry, thin, lustor less nails, they have tendency of nail biting.

Whereas, pitta people have smooth, shiny and beautiful nails, which are pink in colour.

On the other hand, kapha people, have strong, thick, shiny and oily nails…

Please have a look at your nails right now !!!

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!

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