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20 November 2020

10 important changes to be adopted right now for better health.

The concept of being healthy and the awareness around it has taken many hair-pin curves and U-turns in the past few decades and/or centuries…

Now, that the realisation of lobbies, health challenges are well known to all, it’s high time we make our bodies better equipped to deal with the problems. What else can be better bet than following Ayurveda in our day to day lives for this !!!! Well, ten tips to be followed routinely for better health by ayurveda –

1. Start your day by waking up in “brahmi muhurtam”, I.e. approximately ninety minutes period before sunrise… (Versions vary though).

2. Start your day with a concept of “usha pana” after finishing off your nature calls and danta dhawana (brushing of teeth and other oral hygiene routine).

3. Maintain your food timings everyday. Erratic food habits are basic reason for many diseases. Have home cooked, fresh food always. Avoid processed stuff as far as possible.

4. Before having bath, make it a routine to apply some oil to your body, quantity depending on your body type. Like, oily skin can have less oil or can apply alternate days, dry skinned people can apply daily and so on.

5. Make it a habit to do ‘nasya’ i.e. few drops of oil (anu taila or any prescribed by your vaidya) into your nostril, early morning in empty stomach. This helps prevent, diseases of head and neck and prevents early ageing.

6. Exercise – make it a routine, keep some time aside everyday for your health. Exercise type cannot be standardized for all. It again depends on the condition, body type, season etc etc… It can be in the form of walking, jogging, gym, yoga, sports or anything that is suitable to you, as suggested by your vaidya.

7. After exercises and bath, few minutes can be spent on meditation, prayers or anything which can make you calm yet enthusiastic for the day…

8. After having spent a fruitful day at work, make sure you have your dinner early (atleast a couple of hours before your sleep). Keep the supper light. Don’t overfeed yourself at that time….

9. Sleep – something which is a key to great health. Rest can actually cure you of certain diseases… It is the time for regeneration of your body… Make sure you have a good night sleep. Make it a point to sleep early so that its easy to wake up at brahmi muhurtam again.

10. Last, but definitely not the least, let’s be calm and stress free. A stress free life can keep so many conditions at bay…

Just a hope to have a better disease free world.

Happy time !!!! Stay tuned !!!

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