21 November 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 10,part 4 – good food, healthy life.

Well, it’s been a long gap we have read the book……. But believe me, charm of the book remains the same, whenever we read it… so, let’s move on with few more sweets recipes described here.

1. Modaka made of surana – Surana is cut into small pieces and given steam. Once done, it is again fried in ghee and mixed with sugar syrup. This modaka made from surana, gives good strength to the individual, improves digestion (despite being a sweet).

2. A sweet made of ginger – this seems a little different or wierd. But this is one of the most liked recipes too. Here, wet/fresh ginger is taken, boiled in water which contains tamarind leaves (amlika patra). It is then boiled in milk and cut into small pieces. These boiled small pieces of ginger is covered with paste of rice flour and fried in ghee. The product obtained is then smeared/coated with sugar syrup. This is definitely sweet, but very appetizing. It is good for the throat and cures cough, dyspnea too.

3. Modaka made of ash-gourd – author says that, this is made in a procedure similar to modaka made of ginger (like steaming, cutting into small pieces, frying in ghee, coating sugar etc). This sweet decreases pitta very efficiently. This may be because kushmanda is cold in potency. Yet, it is appetizing and imparts strength.

4. Sweet with the flesh of coconut – Here, the fleshy part of coconut (preferred would be tender coconut may be), is chopped, boiled in milk, shallow fried in ghee and quoted with sugar syrup..

This preperation is said to nourish the body, gives strength.

The next section describes sweets made out of milk. I’m sure that would even more interesting…

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!!

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