5 myths and facts about ayurveda
27 November 2020

Unlearning the myths – “marketed” wrongly as Ayurveda

Ayurveda has faced a lot of challenges since centuries and stood throughout the course like a rock solid science of life…. May it be western threats or “within the science” problems. In due course, we see that Ayurveda has been arm twisted by so many people, to suit their personal agendas. In this process, there are some common myths which have been wrongly developed and quoted as belonging to Ayurveda. This write up is to burst the myth balloon and restore the truth behind it.

Myth 1– Ayurveda promotes vegan diet. Fact check – it’s a shear lie to say Ayurveda promotes vegan diet. Ayurveda is highly flexible science which provides us multiple options with regard to diet, may it be vegan, vegetarian or even non-vegetarian. Ayurveda infact describes a lot about meat in diet too.

Myth 2 – Taking Ayurveda herbs on a day to day basis is helpful for prevention of many conditions. Fact check – Ayurveda is sensible enough to keep “diet” seperate from “medicine”. Yes, ofcourse, “food is medicine” but “medicine can’t be food”. Consuming potent medicines on a day to day basis under the fancy name of “Ayurveda herbs” is highly dangerous. Yes, you heard it right. I said “dangerous”, because, all plants don’t suit everyone. Ayurveda is hence, a very customised approach !!!! Let’s keep the medicines when it is needed for illness. It’s highly irresponsible to suggest plant or mineral based medicines on a regular basis to anyone who wants to prevent a condition.. Next time, a non-medico randomly suggests you some herb, on a social media platform, please don’t believe it … It could be highly dangerous to you, as well as to the science. Leave the medicine suggestions to doctors please.!!! Ayurveda doctors spend more than a decade studying the science.. Layman can kindly stay away from suggesting any kind of medical advises, terming that as Ayurveda.

Myth 3– Ayurveda is a science of home remedies. Fact check – Ayurveda fraternity is highly demeaned to the level of just “home remedies” by some intellectuals of our society… being an Ayurveda doctor, I would like to share with you that, Ayurveda is not just a book of kitchen remedies. It is full-fledged medical science. It is has some extensive explanations on anatomy, physiology, pathologies, treatments and many more. Prevention is also a beauty of Ayurveda.

Myth 4 – Ayurveda is not evidence-based. Fact check – Ayurveda is definitely an evidence based science. It has been time tested through centuries, very successfully and has been saving people from sufferings since eternity. By the way, may be it can be a little naive to believe that everything that can be shown in a test-tube is the only ultimate truth !!!!! There are many things in mother nature, which might be beyond our logic…. However, they were deducible through empirical research and have been documented.

Let’s understand Ayurveda through a new light and spread health and happiness !!!

“sarve bhavanthi sukhinah, sarve santhu niramaya”….

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!

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