18 January 2021

My life experience with Ayurveda

Life is not a challenge if you know Ayurveda. Ayurveda is not science only; it is a unique way of living life. My mother was an Ayurveda believer, because her brother and sister-in law were Ayurveda doctors. My mother would say, wash your hands before entering into the kitchen, pray before eating, do japa in the morning, speak with low voice, eat fresh cooked meal, wash face, do mouthwash. She made all six girls to do that. She was regular in giving us milk fortified with almond, and in the morning gave yoghurt with sugar, every day before we left to school. This is Ayurveda which most Indians believe in, including me.
I came from a family where my dad and mom lead a healthy life by following some of the principles of Ayurveda. He used to drink water from clay pot, ate seasonal fruits fresh from the farm, following seasonal regimes like rutucharya and regular detoxification procedures etc.
Got married into a family where there was nothing like this. Once, one family member got sick, then whole family is sick coz it affects all. Something similar happened with me. Decades passed by with my family. Suddenly since few days, I started noticing difference in the way my husband used to speak. I observed that, he would regularly spill tea on the blankets because of his shivering hands. When all this was going on, there came a nightmare of my life. I was as usual in my regular yoga classes and got a phone call which changed my entire course of life henceforth. Doctor had called me up to break the news, that my husband suffered from Parkinson’s disease. The moment made me numb. But I was sure I had to do something. Responsibility rested on my shoulders now.
I did not lose hope. I immediately turned to the age old tradition of Ayurveda, which was close to my heart since my childhood, for a solution. Soon, situation was taken into control and strict dinacharya (daily regime), diet changes, Yoga and Ayurveda power herbs were introduced. This was a life changing experience. Well, its twelve years down since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but all completely under control.
None the less, I had more challenges coming up in the days to come. But Ayurveda never let me stumble.

Rest story of what I did, how I did to be continued later…….

Mrs Chanchal Khosla certified alliance yoga teacher, Ayurveda practitioner (NAMA), certified Ayurveda cook and reiki master, USA

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