01 February 2021


I was kind of lost … Hearing the news of my husband’s Parkinson’s disease, I had lost all hopes of he, leading a normal lifestyle. However I was sure I had to take a lead. By god’s grace, by then, I was a certified yoga therapist and an Ayurveda Practitioner (NAMA). Hence, I also had the confidence that I can do something with this knowledge.
Initially, his doshas had to be checked with the help of nadi pareeksha (pulse examination) and various others methods. It was found to be tridosha imbalance. I took it as a challenge now and started formulating combinations of herbs which can help him. I requested the doctor to give some time before starting dopamine.
The initial thing I had to start was with changes in his dinacharya (daily routine as told in classics of Ayurveda). I started with extensive Abhyanga before bath. The oils used were, a combination of Kshirabala taila, Mahanarayana taila and few more. As I had a little knowledge of marma points as well, I used to focus on those points while massaging. As he also suffered from insomnia, this had to definitely help. To my surprise, in just two months, he started feeling better, as his sleep also improved. As he was improving, my confidence and prayers increased too.
Ghee was increased in his diet too. Few herbal concoctions were started which consisted of drugs like dashamoola, bala, pippali, musta, amruta, punarnava etc. I had made few diet modifications to increase his ojas and increase the metabolism as well. May be, all this started showing some results. After about six months of starting these treatments, when we met his doctor, he again insisted on starting with medications. I requested the doctor to again give some more time, as I wanted to introduce another herb called kapikachu.
There was also a small initiative to sure him with spiritual methods alongside Ayurveda, which was adopted too.
How was the improvement with the new drug introduced? What were other methods followed for his improvement? In the coming articles.
Much love.

Chanchal Khosla

Certified alliance yoga teacher, Ayurveda practitioner (NAMA), certified Ayurveda cook and reiki master, USA

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