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Healthy people, better world….


The divine science

Ayurved is a divine science in it’s true sense. Dating back to thousand of years , this system of medicine was born from Lord Bharma , who is creator of this universe

A way of life

Ayurved is much more than “herbal medicine”.It is a guide for right way of living.

Nature to us

Authentic ayurveda changes our perspective of life.we realize that elements of cure come from nature , not from lab.

Health Tips

Keep your Heart Healthy

Food , water , air

Food that we eat , water that we drink and the air that we breathe are a “big deal”…watch them


You know what has the most negative influence on our health?

its stress. check it.

Seasonal detox

seasonal cleasing of your body, as per authenic Ayurveda is a better hope for healthy living.

Processed Food

now this , a real poison. If seriously concerned about health you need to stop right now. 


“Early to bed and early to rise” definitely keeps one healthy and wise.

Regular regimes

Honest following of the daily regimes and seasonal regimes promises a better health.

About Dr.Sowmya

Dr.Sowmya is a renowned ayurvedic physician, who has done her post graduation in Kayachikitsa (general madicine) . She has also completed her M.B.A. in health care services and is presently working as an assistant professor in Sri Sri college of Ayurveda sciences and research hospital Bengaluru …. She also has many paper presentations in national and international seminars to her credit.

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